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My latest drawing. This is West End performer Dom Tribuzio, based on a photo (need to credit the photographer so if anyone knows who that might be) from 2012. Dom is taking part in West End Bares on Sunday in aid of MAD trust so it’s appropriate to post this now!


Behold the awesomeness that is Long Ma the fire-breathing dragon-horse, the latest creation by French artist François Delarozière and his art production company La Machine. The 46-ton kinetic sculpture stands almost 40 feet tall and features articulated limbs that can gallop, rear up, and fold beneath him when he wants to sit down. His neck rises and falls and his wonderfully expressive face features eyes that open and close. Best of all, his chest swells from the pressure building in his lungs before he exhales fantastic plumes of smoke from his nostrils and jets of fire from his mouth.

This marvelous interactive sculpture was just debuted in the French city of Nantes and will soon be traveling to Beijing where he’ll be presented in October as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. Long Ma is based on a creature from Chinese mythology, Longma, a fabled winged horse with dragon scales, and will be the hero of a performance entitled “Long Ma Jing Shen” or “The Spirit of the Horse Dragon” during which he’ll face off against a giant spider.

Click here and here for video footage of Long Ma in all his fiery glory.

Visit the La Machine Facebook page for additional images.

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The Marvel Comics Art of Agustin Alessio.


Little Revolution (Almeida Theatre) 


I saw a preview of ‘Little Revolution’ at the Almeida Theatre in Islington last night. It’s a new piece of verbatim theatre written by (& starring) Alecky Blythe.

image (photo: Bruno Drummond)

I was a massive fan of Blythe’s ‘London Road’ at The National Theatre. I saw it four times, and…



Action Comics #34 selfie variant cover by Gary Frank


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Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant, 1955. 

This is the epitome of elegance


Grace Kelly photographed by Howell Conant, 1955. 

This is the epitome of elegance

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